Surgery Advice

Mr Temple operates on Mondays at Nuffield Health Chester, The Grosvenor Hospital, Wrexham Road, Chester.

The Nuffield Hospital keeps his diary and can arrange a date for your operation. You will then receive written confirmation from the hospital concerned.

A fixed Price Quote can be arranged for patients who are not covered by a medical insurance company. Please contact the appointments team to organise a quote.

Comprehensive information leaflets regarding the operations Mr Temple undertakes are available from The ENT UK Association.

To view these in a downloadable format from the following link:

Ear, Nose and Throat Conditions

You will be asked to arrive about two hours before the scheduled start of the operating list.
Please note that you need to be starved of food and drink from 6am on the day of admission.

Operations are performed under a general anaesthetic. This means you will be asleep for the duration of the surgery and that you will not feel anything during the operation. You will feel quite drowsy for a long time after the surgery, so you may be likely to stay overnight at the hospital after your procedure.

A general anaesthetic requires you not to eat or drink for 6 hours before the operation. You will receive a pack from us with instructions regarding this. If you have to take some medication, then you can usually take this as normal but with a small amount of water (half a cup).

When you go into hospital, go straight to the reception desk. The receptionist will be expecting you and will arrange for you to be taken to your room. There you will be asked some general health questions and will fill in some forms with a nurse. If you have not done so already you will also fill in a consent form with the surgeon. This is a legal document that contains important information about your operation, the risks involved and your signature indicating your consent for the surgery. Generally you are sent this document in the information pack prior to the surgery. Sometimes the surgeon will go through the document with you at the time of the consultation. It is important that you read the consent form carefully and ask any questions before the surgery.

You will be asked to undress down to your underwear and to put on a gown. This garment allows access to the chest, back and blood vessel etc during the operation. You must remove any metallic objects on your person.
This means you can wear no jewellery or clothing containing any metal. Please check with the nurse.

If you have a bad cold there are risks that you may have complications after the procedure. Should you not be feeling well tell the anaesthetist about it.

Also tell the anaesthetist if you have any crowns or caps in your teeth. They will then be given extra protection during the operation.

Immediately after the surgery

You will wake up in the recovery room. This is where you are cared for immediately after the surgery.

After any general anaesthetic, you will feel tired and drowsy. This is completely normal. You may feel sick.
That is a side effect of some of the medication and not everyone will feel so.

When you are awake and comfortable, you will be taken back to your room. There you will be allowed to rest back in your own bed. This nurse will visit you to check your blood pressure, pulse and temperature. This can be annoying if you are trying to get some sleep, but it is essential for the nurses to monitor you.
When you go home

Do not exert yourself
Do not pick your nose
Do not forcefully blow your nose
Do not forget to douche your nose if you have been advised to do so
Do not forget to use the nasal drops if you have been advised to do so

If the nose bleeds then pinch it and sit still, It should stop within ten minutes. If it does not stop, then contact the hospital or the ward directly for further advice.