Outpatient Clinic

Mr Robert Temple consults at Nuffield Health Chester, The Grosvenor Hospital,

on Tuesday evenings, Thursday mornings and alternate Monday afternoons.

In private practice he deals with all areas of ENT conditions that he sees in the NHS and equally offers the full range of investigative and operative procedures which are available. Private appointments can be arranged at Nuffield Health Chester, The Grosvenor Hospital, on :

01244 684325 or

01244 684301 or

0845 163 3436

Email: outpatient.appointments@nuffieldhealth.com

A referral letter is required for your insurance company, but is not essential for a consultation.

If an urgent appointment is required please contact appointments at Nuffield Health Chester, The Grosvenor Hospital.

If you have to cancel, please give as much notice as possible and we will rearrange your appointment

Mr Temple has a caring and personal approach to patients’ conditions. Symptoms are thoroughly investigated and all treatment options are discussed before offering treatment. If your treatment proceeds to an operation, the benefits and potential complications will be described to you. After surgery your treatment will continue with clinic follow up until your condition has settled and you can be discharged back to the care of your General Practitioner.

For patients with nasal problems the aim is to improve the shape and/or function of the nose – these two parameters may be interlinked. There may however be separate or additional problems. Investigation in the clinic will be tailored to your symptoms these may include fibre optic endoscopynasal allergy skin testingnasal airflow measurement, ear microscopy, ear microsuction and digital nasal photography. These can all be carried out in the initial appointment.

If you have ear problems the routine investigations, including Audiometry and Tympanometry, can be carried out in the clinic setting. Should you require more advanced tests or assessment for a bone anchored hearing aid then the resources and full support of Chester Hearing and Balance or Holt Audiology Services are available.